Free Fixed Matches

Hello everybody!

(*we are referring to some particular visitors of our website, who try to "steal" fixed matches from us!)
If you arrived to our website searching for free fixed matches, we can make you sure that there are not real fixed matches for free.
We have real fixed matches! Not for free!
As we also pay a lot money to get the matches, we can not give you any free fixed match.
Sometimes we really do not understand you, if you want real fixed matches to bet and win a lot money, why do you ask for free?
To win money, you have to invest some first!
So if you want to win big money, invest some before. Please do not ask for free, if you do not have the money, do not ask at all!
We have been in this business for a long time. This, because we got our own rules of making deals.
We are very serious and we want our clients to be serious. So if you want to be our client, be serious and stay to our deal.
Some of you beg us for free fixed match. This is not good. We are sorry you do not have money enough to buy our fixed matches, but this is real business.
Some of you try to be more clever and ask us to pay for the fixed match after they win.
This is also something we can not do.
First when we started this business, we tried this option. We gave the fixed matches and allowed our clients to pay after they had won. Can you imagine what they did? They created a new email account and contacted us again to get another fixed match to post pay it. How we understood this? Its not difficult to find visitors ip.
This was as same as giving for free, making charity!
At that time we stopped this madness! No More!

But we know that not everybody can afford to buy a fixed match, so to help these people, we added a new page on our website : Free Betting Tips
Here you can find some good tips, mostly to win! You have to take your chance!
Visit it here :      FREE BETTING TIPS

We also have added   DROPPING ODDS, you can find it on our main page (right).

As for fixed matches, we offer you the best opportunity to make some real money.
Our matches are Half Time / Full Time ,
Odds 30.00+
No chance to lose!
We are 100% sure that our next match will win, because of our winning history.
Visit it here :     WINNING HISTORY
Until now we have never lost a fixed match!

We also offer you " Betting Success Scheme" .
It is a package with Arbitrage Betting Books, Betting software to compare odds , and some office work (excel) to help choose better matches to bet and to have good opportunities to win!
Visit it here :     BETTING SUCCESS SCHEME

We also have added "Best Odds Display"
Here you can find the best odds of matches you can bet. Here you can choose what match you should bet!
Visit it here:      BEST ODDS DISPLAY

We have also added  ALL VERIFIED SCAMMERS to help you.

We try everyday to help you win more money. Do you ask why? Because if more money you win with our service, then more money you pay us!

If you are interested in fixed matches, then you are in the right place. Our next Fixed Match is coming.
Visit it here :     NEXT FIXED MATCH


For more information please Contact Us!

Thank you for understanding us!

Regards, Fixed Match King